Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day #7 - The last day.. Sunday

We packed a lunch then headed to Kona Baptist Church Then for another picnic and more whale waching at the Place of Refuge Park.

It may seem like it would be boring to spend so much time at the beach just sitting and waiting for the whales to show. But the truth is, I found it very relaxing. The air is crisp, yet warm. No humidity and a cool breeze. The palm trees give you shade, but, not too much. Paradise.

After a few hours it was back to the Honokohau Harbor and the
"Bite Me Restaurant" for another round of fish before I leave. The fish of the day was "Monchong". It's a white fish full of flavor, but not a strong "fishy" one. It was perhaps the best fish I had ever eaten.

Then we headed back to the apartment to get my bag packed. It will be a sad goodbye, but a vacation to remember for a life time.

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