Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Sewing List continued...

I'm making very good progress on that unfinished sewing project list! I have 3 wall hanging well on their way to being crossed off. These are the w/hangings that I am making for my sewing room, made from signature blocks collected from the yahoo sewing group I belong to. (Quilting_in_Indiana). We also have a birthday fat quarter club, so the other fabric I used for these wall hangings are fat quarters I received for my bday month.

I also finished a child's hat today. I had intended it for my little friend Mark. But, guess I didn't look at the fabric close enough before I started it, because I thought the kids on it were 2 girls and a boy dressed like cowboys/girls. When I was finished, I was checking it over for lost pins and threads, and realized the boy was really another girl. She had pants on, instead of a skirt like the other girls. Anyway, the hat is cute, and I can try it on him and see if it is the right size. Then I can make another.. this time I'll pay closer attention!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sewing Projects

1. trying to finish blocks that have signature blocks in the middle. I got the signature blocks from several ladies on one of the yahoo groups I belong to.

2. Wonder Wallets - I just finished a swap, and was truly excited when I received my wallet from my swap partner. She made some awesome additions to the wallet. The one I sent her I used vinyl on the last piece, so that you can have an ID slot. It turned out really well.

3. I have 3 back sacks I want to make. One for each of my nieces and nephews on my DH's side of the family. If they like them, I'll make a few more for the other side.

4. Last, yet not least, I always have a purse project in the back of my mind.

But.. alas, I have to wait on my precious Viking Sapphire 850 to return home... hope it's soon, I reallly miss it.
Do I need a title? To me that's one of the hardest parts of blogging. I sit here at my keyboard and I have things I want to say, but, I can't get past the "Title" field!

Today was a hard day for me at work, so I think I'll try to list the things about my job that I like.

1. Flexibility - I don't have to ask months ahead of time for vacations days or personal time. If I need a day off, and I know that everyone else in the office (there are only 4 of us) then I'm pretty well guaranteed to get the day off. If I need to go to the Dr or Dentist or whatever, I can.

2. Friends - I have worked my job for nearly 15 years. My fellow employees are for the most part my friends. Being only 1 of 3 women out of about 20 employees that work for our town, it's like having 16 or so brothers. Do they look at me like a "sister"? I don't know. But, I do know that if I needed one of them for just about anything I could ask and they would do what they could to help me. I like that. Yes, I have a husband that is good to me, but, you can never have enough people around that will help you if you need them.

3. 1/2 day Wednesdays - It's been a tradition in our area that offices close at noon on Wednesday. Now, most places have thrown that tradtion to the side, but we still honor it. It started years ago when the locals all gathered in another small town close by to sell their wares on Wednesday afternoons. (Shipshewana, if you have heard of it)

Well, now I can look back at this list and remember why I get up and go to work day after day..

That's about it for today.. like I said, it wasn't the greatest of days!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Update from me

It's been about a week since my last posting. It's been quiet around here since then.

I haven't been sewing as much because I took my sewing machine in to the dealer for it's 1 year medical check up! It gets a free cleaning and assessment. I think I'm supposed to pick it up on Saturday the 23rd. I hope it's finished. I have alot of projects I want to work on when I get it back. One of the first things I want to do is design my own purse. I have alot of ideas that I've been mulling over, and I believe it's time to branch out and see what I can make for myself with out a pattern.

Karissa and Josiah came Friday night for a visit. On Saturday we went to Sturgis to our friends', Scott & Becky's, so we could ride horses. This time Karissa and I rode. The horse I rode wanted to trot a little, but, it had been a long time since I rode, so I kept the reigns tight so she knew she shouldn't. I had forgotten how BIG horses are! You are way up there when you get on. I think it would have been fun to take off in a sprint, but, I figured getting used to the whole idea of riding again was probably the right choice.

I have some "saddle" soreness today.. so sitting in church wasn't all that fun! But, I would definitely ride again if I were asked!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Fire Station "Initiation"

When the other fire departments began to spray the water, it was apparent that we were going to have a rainbow! It was absolutely spectacular! Visit my flickr page to see all the photos! It was awesome to see the rainbow arcing over the fire trucks and into the building.

Christening Station 10

Showering Station 10
Originally uploaded by Laurie_Mike
Today, May 10, 2008, the LaGrange Town Hall, Police & Fire Dept's held an open house to celebrate our newly renovated building. About 4 years ago, the town purchased a former Ford Dealership, and converted the show room into the Town Hall, the body shop into the Police Dept offices and the mechanics bays into the Fire Station. Everything is finally completely renovated so we held an Open House. Over all, it was a fun morning. There are 8 volunteer fire departments in our county, the other 7 came to "christen" the building by spraying water on it. It was a pretty interesting event.