Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It all happend at work

Yesterday we had some excitement in the Town Hall. For those of you reading that don't know, I work for the Town of LaGrange in the Town Hall. In our building we also house the Fire Station and Police offices. Our Fire Department is all volunteers. Yesterday, our fire chief was available to give a summer school class a tour of the fire station to a group of kids. Things were going along as usual, when the town clerk came into my office and said one of the kids had passed out. So, thinking that these were 5-8 year olds, I figured the other adults out there may need a helping hand. Seeing a classmate pass out could be pretty traumatic right?!?!

So I run out to the fire station and low and behold these kids are not 5-8 yr olds, they are closer to 12-15 yrs. old. Needless to say, they didn't really need watching. They were all pretty calm about the whole thing.

Come to find out, the boy that passed out didn't wake up at the normal time, and didn't have time to eat breakfast. It was warm in the fire station, we don't run the a/c out there, and it has a certain smell, you know, exhaust mixed with fire smells, so possibly the combination of those things just didn't sit well with him.

I realized that people in the emergency services field run to help these people, then they don't ever know what really happened after. I saw the fire chief later in the day and I asked him how the kid was, and he didn't know. They treat the wounded, hand them off to the next set of medical staff, and don't look back.

Am I nosy? I don't know, but it bothered me all day that I don't know if the boy had a serious medical problem, or was just overcome with the smell, heat, and low blood sugar.

I don't know how they stand not knowing. Guess it's something you learn to live with.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Love Bird Applique


I haven't done much applique so when the sewing ladies wanted to do this swap, I hesitated. I don't know if my skills are up to the challenge or not. This is the start of the block. A 6 1/2" square of background fabric, then the bird's body, then his wing. Now I need to add his eye and beek, then hand embroider on some feet.

Tell me how I'm doing!
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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Another "LizzieBCre8tive" bag

I've been working on this bag for several days. I made the bag a little bigger this time, then added pockets with snaps on each side. I wanted one of these pockets for my cell phone, and it seemed a little off balance, so I felt like another one was needed.

The inside has pockets too. And you close it with the handles like a drawstring.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cell Case #2


This may become an obsession. This time, I quilted an 8 1/2" square (fabric face down, quilt batting, and fabric face up, like a sandwhich). Then I put a binding on it. Then I folded it in half, and measured the center to the size I needed for my phone. I made 2 seams, starting on the folded edge up, leaving a space in the center for the phone. Add a strap to keep the phone in a snap. Then you fold over the over lapping part, hand stitch it down, and you are done!
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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cell Phone Case


I got a new cell phone! So.. with knowing that this thing needs to last me a minimum of 2 years, I figured I'd better find a carrying case to keep it in. Especially since I've already dropped it once, and, yes, it's scratched.

So, I began experimenting with some ideas for making my own design. After a couple failed attempts, one was too fat, one too short, and one was right, but, I put the snap on backwards, I found a website that I thought had some pretty decent suggestions on making one.

Cell Pouch Pattern
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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Finished Postcard

I finished the postcard I posted earlier in the week. I had to make it smaller, as the swap called for a 4x6 sized card. I think I'll make a few more of these, if I can come up with some creative ideas!

"The Everything Bag:


I found this bag tutorial at BlueBird Baby
I added a pocket on the front, back and inside the bag.
This was a fun bag to make, and it went together quite easily.

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These are from a Potholder swap I did on a sewing group. I made the one that is supposed to look like tulips. I had planned to send it to a swap partner, but, I didn't think it was good enough, so I kept it for myself. It was the first one I ever made.
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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fabric Postcards

This is my first attempt at a fabric postcard. On one of the yahoo sewing groups I'm on, we are doing a postcard swap. I love postcards! I collect vintage ones from LaGrange, Indiana, my hometown, so making fabric ones intriqued me. I signed up for the swap, and I hope that whoever gets the final product won't be dissapointed.

This one isn't quite finished. I just wanted to see what a photo of it will look like!
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Towne Purse

This is the latest purse that I made. It is designed by "Lazy Girl Designs". These designs are very easy to make, for the most part! I had a little trouble on the zipper of this one, but it was mostly me just being to tired to sew! I made one just like it several months ago, and it went together much easier.

This time I wanted something cheerful and bright. I may give the bag away, maybe it's my mood from having poison ivy and the whole "tick" incident, but, I've lost interest in the "cheery look".

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My Hero

I haven't blogged much about my hubby, Mike. We've been married for 29 years (February 1979). Mike gets up at 4am every morning and goes to work at an RV factory. He is the foreman over the Mill Room, where they cut the wood for the whole unit.

During the last week, I've been plagued with poison ivy, which I think the cats brought, so, it's pretty normal for me to have an "itchy" spot. This morning about 3:45am I woke up and had to use the restroom, being half asleep at that early hour, I felt my head itch. Now I know you shouldn't scratch poison ivy, but it was early, and I reached in my hair to scratch it. I realized that I felt something that just couldn't be the poison ivy rash.

Now I'm starting to wake up, and I know that Mike is already up and getting around for work. So, I run down the steps, and ask him to take a look.

Being the subtle person that he is, he tells me it is a tick and I should consider going to the emergency room to have it pulled out.

Now I'm really awake. I'm also freaked out. There's a parasite on my head and poison ivy all over my body. What a mess.

Being me, I decide I'll just go back to bed and think it over. That lasted all of 60 seconds. Having a parasite on my scalp was really disturbing, so I get up again, and ask him if he won't try to pull it out.

We find some long matches and light one, blow it out, and Mike touches it to the embedded tick. It moved. So, now he thinks he can get it out and I won't have to go to the emergency room. We find a pair of tweezers, (why we didn't have these already is beyond me) and Mike lights another match. He touches the tick again, this time it feels hot on my scalp and bravely, I try not to yell. I know if I whine, yell or complain, Mike will stop, he wasn't too thrilled with the whole idea anyway. He takes the tweezers and pulls the tick off of my scalp. The tick is dead. I'm elated.

Mike is my Hero ...now if he could just cure the poison ivy...!!