Thursday, January 31, 2008


It's going to snow tonight. Not a "chance of snow" but 100% chance of snow! The National Weather service says 4-8" tonight, and an additional 4-8 tomorrow. So, we could get 16" of snow and wind! Now, that's alot of snow.

I took a sewing class this week. It was how to make mittens from old sweaters! Watch out Goodwill! I could use some new mittens!

I'm so glad to be feeling better. Why doesn't anyone ever leave a comment on my blog? Hmm..

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Birthday weekend

It's my birthday tomorrow. Normally I love my birthday, but this year I have bronchitis, and I just want the day to come and go quickly. I can't go out, so it won't be fun.

I have been getting some really awesome fat quarters from the sweet ladies on the Quilting in Indiana Yahoo Group. We have a "birthday fat quarter exchange", and it's my turn! I've been really excited to see what the mail brings each day. I'm thinking of making myself a purse from the ones that match. I have a pattern from Lazy Girl Designs that calls for about 7 fat quarters of fabric. If you don't know what a fat quarter is, it's a piece of fabric that is 18" x 22", or one 1/4 of a yard of fabric. I mention this because when I first started sewing I had know idea what a fat quarter was. So, I figure I'm not the only one!

Louis the cat has been keeping me company while I've been sick. Today he played on the bed while I tried to sleep. I have a king size bed, so there was plenty of room. He had a toy, and it kept him entertained for a good 30 or more minutes. I finally dozed off and when I woke up there he was, sleeping beside me. I think he wore himself out.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Wednesday is one of my favorite days of the week. I work full time, but Wednesday is a half day. My full time week is 35 hours. Which is great! Time for shopping, sewing, cleaning, or just whatever I decide to do!

Today, I decided to go to Shipshewana and browse at Lolly's Fabrics and Yoder's Dept Store. I really wanted to find the perfect fabric for the back of the Hawaii quilt. I didn't. Yes, Lolly's and Yoder's have about every fabric imaginable between the two stores, but, I realized that I just don't know what I want on the back of it.

I did get a couple fat quarters and a 1/4" type ruler. Oh, and the famous JoJo Pretzel.

It was a good day all in all!

Thursday, January 17, 2008


As it turns out, Yahoo will send you a new password if you email and ask them. They ask you a few questions, and in a couple days, you are back in! .

I've had quite the week.

Monday: People that don't know how to program in phone numbers into their cell phones shouldn't have cell phones. That is my opinion, and I'm sticking to it. Sorry. I know there are many of you who will disagree. But, honestly, the phone comes with a book, and it's not brain surgery! I spent 2 hours putting phone numbers in a phone that the owner is quite capable of doing it themselves

Tuesday: I love my church. With that said, I had a really lonely experience at our women's meeting. It's hard to explain, and I don't think I can without that feeling again, so let's just say I didn't have a good time.

Wednesday: Things were going pretty well, considering I overslept and was almost late for work. After work, I went to get my hair highlighted. I thought it looked fairly good. Mike thought I wasted my money. He says you can't even tell I'd had it done. This from a guy who rarely notices if I when get it cut. Needless to say, I won't let it bother me. I did get my "Hawaii" quilt finished. I put a border of white, then 2"x6" strips of all the color fabrics around the edge for the borders. I'm going to try to find a batik, or tye dyed type fabric for the backing, and I think I'm going to use one of the yellow fabrics for the binding. I'm having Karen at the local quilt shop do the quilting. When it's completely finished, I will post a new photo.

Thursday: I get up on time! YAY! Got around for work, couldn't find my car keys. So, I went in the garage, only to find my car locked. With the keys in it. Blah.

Friday: Well, it will be pay day. What can go wrong??

Monday, January 14, 2008


Does anyone know how to get yahoo to reset your password? I know, that I know, that I know, what my password is, but they will not allow me to log in. Now my account is locked up from trying to many times. I tried to reset it, and it asked me the "SECRET QUESTION".. my question happened to be "What is your pet's name?" Now, I put in every single pet name I have ever had in my entire life, and it says it is wrong. I think I know what my pets names are..were.. whatever. So, I sent them an email saying that I want my password back!

I'm sitting here admiring my quilt. It's quite astonishing to me that I made that quilt. Who knew?!?!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Two Trips to Hawaii

Last summer Mike and I visited Erin and Tad in Kona, Hawaii. While we were there, I bought some hawaiian floral fabric. I didn't know what I was going to do with them at the time, so, I put them in my collection of fabrics. Then I signed up for a quilting class, using a pattern called a "Whirlygig". I decided to use my hawaiian fabrics.

Then in the fall, mom and I went back to Kona, and I decided I needed a few more florals to finish out the quilt top.

This is the "almost" finished product. I have named it "Two Trips to Hawaii". I'm trying to decide what kind of border I want to add to it. It will be for a full size bed.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Have you ever tried to be someone else's moral guide? (I wanted to say conscience, but I don't know if it's spelled right..) It's exhausting. How can one person try to keep someone else on the right path? Prayers? Spying? Do I just give it up?


When you get a cat, how can you tell if it will be happy as an indoor cat? I wanted my new kittens to be just inside. However, they are not happy with that. They want OUT! And they cry and bawl like babies if they don't get out. Desi went out during the night, through a hole in the screened porch. It was raining, he was so happy to be out. But he was soaking wet when he came back in. Louie was so jealous that Desi was out, he tried to pee on the carpet. We of course caught him in time, but, still. Then he bit Desi in the behind when he came in. Jealousy in a cat. Unbelievable.


It's raining again, and in the 60's. It's January.. what happened to the snow??

Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Year

It's 2008. Mike is home from his trip to Germany. All is well.
I've been sewing on my Hawaii Quilt. I'm calling it "Trip to Hawaii". It's a "Whirlygig" pattern. I am using hawaiaan floral prints and a white background. To calm it down some, because it is going to be very bright, I'm using some batiks and other co-ordinating fabrics. I think it will be quite pretty when it's done. Though, some may say it's too "busy". Will post a photo when it's farther along. I purchased the hawaii florals while visiting Erin and Tad, some in the summer of 2007 and some from my fall trip with my mom.