Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lizzie's Hutch


This week in LaGrange, the Northern Indiana Woodworker's Association held a convention across the street from where I work. It was in an abandoned RV factory. The group is primarily made up of Amish craftsmen. Now, while I will readily admit that not all Amish are the best furniture builders, these are the "best of the best". I saw some of the most fabulous furniture on display that I have ever seen.

I've been searching for the perfect hutch to put in my kitchen, and I found it. I pretty much figured that it would be way out of my price range, and normally it would have been, but the salesman (could have been the shop owner for all I know) was quite generous that day, as he gave me a great deal.

I love the "antique look" of the cabinet! Now, I just need to add some decorations! Yay! More shopping!
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Mrs. Robin


Several weeks ago, I noticed that something kept dragging little scraps of dead grass and weeds up to our porch. I didn't think much about it, but, just kept sweeping them off. Then I noticed that a robin was building a nest on the porch light beside the patio door.

She's been sitting in her little nest quite alot lately. I wanted to take a photo, but, didn't really want to disturb her, so I went upstairs and quietly opened the bedroom window. When I was sure she wouldn't fly away, I snapped a couple photos. I cropped them to make it look closer. She's a lovely bird.
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The First 4 months


Here are the first 4 blocks of the "Journey" series together.
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Block #4 - Nebraska

On July 21st, sixty eight days from the start, the expedition reached the mouth of the Platte River in what is now known as Nebraska. In those days, to go past the mouth of the Platte was the Missouri river man's equivalent of crossing the equator. Lewis described the Platte running a mile wide and an inch deep, just bursting with animal and plant life. It was here that the men first discovered the badger.


This is by far the hardest block I've done so far. It is not perfect! But, I decided to leave it as it is because I think it's a lesson to be learned. Life isn't perfect, things don't always go our way, even though we like to think we have "it all together", most of the time we just don't. Thankfully, we are not in charge.. God is still on His thrown, and we can trust him.
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