Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Name that plant #2


Here's another. Looks like a smal orange bush, with lily like flowers. I'm totally lost on this one. Never seen anything like it.
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Name that plant


This is a plant that just bloomed in my yard. I have no idea what it is. Any gardeners out there reading this, please let me know!
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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May - Block #5 - Iowa

Lewis and Clark traveled the Missouri River bordering Nebraska and Iowa, the party came upon their first Indians in August. On August 2nd, a party of Otos and a few Missouries arrived at the camp, accompanied by a French trader and translator. Gifts of tobacco, pork, flour and meal were exchanged for watermellons. The Indians were farming as well as a hunting people, with semi permanent towns. The captians, Lewis and Clark, invited them to a council at their campsite, which they called Council Bluff, which is across and down river from the present day Council Bluff, Iowa.

This is the 5th block in the block of the Month series of the "Journey of Discovery" quilt. It was much easier than it might look.
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